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Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Is Free On Origin/PSN

Le 06 octobre 2017 à 09:23

The DLC update, Dragons Teeth to DICE’s Battlefield 4 is running for free on both Origin and US PSN.

The update brings about a host of new content to the critically acclaimed FPS, content such as new maps, gadgets, weaponry, assignments and a new game mode:

The Pearl Market. Battle in narrow alleyways and across treacherous rooftops.
• Sunken Dragon. Wage war across the water as you maneuver within a floating restaurant.
• Lumphini Garden. Pilot speedy watercraft in canals, and fight on foot on grassy hills in this massive park.
• Propaganda. Use the fallen monuments of past tyrants as cover.


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Le 06 octobre 2017 à 20:39

Who cares?