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Battlefield 4 Recording Issues

Le 20 avril 2018 à 16:30



efore I go into detail I will say prior to my fresh install I was able to use ACTION for recording BF3 with very few if any issues. I decided to do the clean install prior to the release of BF4 just to make sure that all was well. Now I know about and have experienced many of the problems that have been occurring with BF4 so I am not here to point any fingers. Here is what's happening - Sometimes I am able to hit the F9 key, usually as a new map begins and it will record, I have been setting the recording options to a lower standard, typically 780 or 420 running at either 30 or 50 FPS. I am also recording game sounds. Where my problem typically occurs is when I want to stop recording. The program might stop and go from red back to blue, or continue recording. In either case it will crash both the game and destroy the recorded material up to that point.I typically have hit Ctl-alt-Del and shut down the process in Task Manager, in most cases I have to shut down BF4 first and then try and shut down Action. Sometimes Action will remain running in Task Manager, and I will restart the game and then try recording again, in most cases it will work, but when I go to stop recording at a certain point it repeats the freeze/crash issue. 


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